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The Reason Guitarists Play Too Many Notes

I'll get straight to the point - the reason guitarists play too many notes is due to what I like to call 'rhythmic deficiency', which basically means that they have a seriously underdeveloped ability to play rhythm. You'll find this is true among self-proclaimed lead guitarists that can't play chords for shit because they are 'lead' guitarists; by the way, don't be one of those... even Kirk Hammett plays rhythm in between wah solos.

You see, if you have no concept of rhythm, or you don't groove, you're going to have to play more notes to make up for it; whereas, a guitarist that is well-schooled in the art of rhythm (good luck finding one) only needs a handful of notes with which to make rhythmic love to their ax.

If you've just realized that you play too many notes for this very reason (you're welcome), check out this lesson with Oz Noy who's pretty much the shit at this kind of playing, and will show you how to inject rhythm into y…

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